About me


Who calls a driving school the Polar Star?! The word Poolster in Dutch consists of two parts: Pool- (Pole) and -Ster (star). In other words, it’s about me: I’m a star from Poland! : -)
Like every star (each of us) I am unique and radiates energy! How does this translate into my driving school?
Things are clear with me. With me, the journey to your present destination will be easy, without worries, because I will lead you through the whole trajectory; from the very beginning to the very end! I will take the administration, mediation with the CBR and everything else, including a theoretical course in your native language (or textbooks in Polish and/or Englisch).
When you can’t see a star, you can still be sure that she is “there”. I, as a Poolster, act in the background for you. Even when you can’t see me!

Driving school

… is my main occupation. But in the meantime, I regularly run group courses (in Amsterdam, Waddinxveen and Den Bosch) for forklifts and reachtrucks, overhead cranes (warehouse cranes) and VCA (the SCC (Safety Certificate for Contractors)).
I have experience in teaching Dutch privately at home as well as a “gastdocent” in language learning schools.
For many years, when I was working for one of the main mobile network servicemen, I went all over the Netherlands. I can say that I have a lot of experience on the roads here.
I combined it with my first passion to transfer knowledge to others, that you have read about just above, and so from these two components the concept “Poolster” was created!