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VCA courses and training

VCA – (Veiligheid Gezondheid Milieu Checklijst Aannemers)
is an occupational safety management system that is valid in the Netherlands and Belgium, but also in countries such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavia. It is applicable to companies that direct high-risk work in the petrochemical industry, construction, heavy industry, etc.  In addition to occupational safety, the system helps companies implement health and environmental protection measures, and helps employees stay safe at their jobs. Companies that have chosen to implement the VCA system at their sites have raised safety standards and significantly reduced the number of accidents at the workplace. The VCA certificate is issued by an SSVV-accredited examination institute in the form of a digital diploma, bears the VCA logo and is valid for 10 years. In addition, a VCA card is also issued. To become certified, you must complete the selected type of course and pass the exam.

VCA BASIC – dla pracowników liniowych (60 minut / 40 pytań) Kandydat zalicza egzamin, gdy osiąga minimum 2580/4000 punktów. The exam is available in multiple language versions - including Polish.
VCA VOL – dla menadżerów i kierowników (75 minut / 70 pytań) Kandydat zalicza egzamin, gdy osiąga minimum 4515/7000 punktów. The exam is available in j. English, Dutch, French and German.

Do you want to introduce a VCR system in your company? Need to get certified to start a new job? Pomożemy Ci go zdobyć!
At Poolster, we offer a one-day course at the VCR BASIC or VCR VOL level ending with an exam, which we will conduct at the training point or your company. The only thing you need to join is a current ID card or passport.
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Forklift licenses

Heftruck / Reachtruck - these are nothing more than the names of Dutch authorizations for two types of forklifts.

• Heftruck - front forklift- Heftruck - front forklift.
• Reachtruck – Side-loading forklift (also known as a reach truck)

Due to the great interest in forklift courses, we have prepared an offer that will allow you to quickly obtain the knowledge, skills and necessary authorizations. We offer to conduct the course for employees, either on your company's premises (using your own equipment) or in a rented, properly adapted hall (equipped with the necessary items, including modern front and side forklifts).

During the course you will gain the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and take an exam that will allow you to gain the necessary qualifications for work. The certificate obtained is valid for 5 years. Do you want to start training or refresh your previously obtained credentials? The only thing you need to take the training is a current identity document (ID card or passport) and eagerness to work!You are welcome!
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Pallet truck qualifications

Any order picker who uses electric pallet trucks in his work, so called. A pallet truck (also called a walker because of the way it steers and moves with the truck) must be licensed to operate them. Despite its much smaller size than forklifts, a pallet truck can pose quite a threat to operators and the environment if not used properly.

Are you looking for employment as a warehouse worker? At Poolster, we'll help you get the qualifications you need to operate a manual and electric pallet truck in no time. The training, organized by us, will allow you to learn about the regulations, the construction of the device, and how to work safely (loading and unloading) in warehouse conditions.

We will organize the training at your workplace or our rented warehouse. The one-day course ends with an exam and the receipt of a certificate and card, authorizing the use of electric and manual forklifts.
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