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I tried to answer all the questions succinctly. If your question is not below, please submit it via the contact form (at the bottom of this page) and I will try to answer it as soon as possible!

How much does it cost to get a driver's license in the Netherlands?
The price depends on a couple of factors. The main influence is the number of hours purchased in the package. A good driving school first invites the candidate to an orientation/trial lesson and proposes an appropriate number of hours based on this. The price of a single lesson is €47.50 (60 minutes). Please review the list of packages 
Another important factor is the language in which you want to pass the theory at the CBR (test center)
- €37 in Dutch.
- €42.50 in English
- €270 in Polish (need for sworn translator)
It's an electronic signature. With its help, many important matters can be handled in this country without moving from home. For example, book a theory exam for B.
The so-called "accountant" for a small fee will be happy to help us arrange this.
You can also do it yourself by clicking here.
Medical certificate (Gezondheidsverklaring).
It is needed for the practical exam. This is done online through
It's a dozen questions of the type: do you have coronary heart disease, epilepsy, etc.?
If the candidate answered "nee" to all questions, an email arrives within 24 hours confirming that the candidate is fit to drive.
When any question is answered by "I", this request can be sent to the GP. This one can in turn send it to a specialist. It costs time. Therefore, I advise you to get down to it at the beginning of the course.
Note: if you have poor eyesight, but wear glasses and thus see normally, you can answer that your vision is good when asked.
Authorization for Poolster (Rijschool Machtigen).
Please authorize Poolster school through You can find me at 1674R6. DigiD needed.
With this authorization, I will be able to book a practical exam for you at the test center.
A trial lesson?
- It lasts 90 minutes. Of which an hour of driving alone. The rest of the time is spent on administration, questions, etc. You already have some experience (unfinished course from Poland, scooter?), it all helps to reduce the number of hours in the package.
- A great influence in deciding how many hours of driving will be needed to prepare well for the practical test, in addition to experience, is how quickly the candidate assimilates (and applies) the instructor's instructions during this lesson.
Do you need permanent registration?
Registration is needed only when collecting the right from the municipality. At the time of collection, you need to be registered 6 months.
That is, it is possible to go to the course and without it. However, it is important to appear in the census record during this period.
What is the practical exam like?
The instructor cannot ride with the candidate on the exam. Corona…
For this exam, you only need to understand "links" and "rechts" (left and right). Or English. By the day of the exam, however, the candidate already knows the Dutch names of all maneuvers and other expressions, so language is never a barrier.
"Square" does not exist. All maneuvers are done in the city. E.g.. "Arch from the square" here means driving backwards along the curb at an intersection and turning into another street.
It is worth knowing that you pass in the same car in which you studied.
Before the exam itself, there is always a scheduled hour of driving as a warm-up. You need to be at the exam center 10 minutes before the start. It is necessary to identify yourself. The examiner will ask a few questions about your health and ask you to read the license plate of some car (eye test). He may also ask follow-up questions, even before getting into the car, about things under the hood, tires or buttons/clocks on the dashboard (all of which are covered during the course).
The test drive itself takes an average of 30 minutes. During this time you have to perform 2 maneuvers (parking, turning), drive 10 minutes on navigation. A highway is also a must. When you return to the center, after getting out of the car, the examiner immediately tells you whether you passed or failed.
Theoretical exam; How many questions are there?
The theoretical exam consists of three parts.
1. hazard recognition (Gevaarherkenning).
25 questions. You can make 12 mistakes.

2. knowledge (Kennis)
12 questions. You can make 2 mistakes.

3. interaction with movement (Inzicht)
28 questions. Maximum of 3 errors.
Theoretical exam: how to book?
Using DigiD through this link. We choose the "examen reserveren" option. If in Polish, we select the last (fourth) option: "met tolk".
Online payment via IDeal.
Theoretical exam: how to book a certified translator?
This is done through aanvragen).
Payment by IDeal.
I have my license taken away in Poland (for the mistakes of my youth). I have experience. What now?
You are still invited to a trial lesson (see "Trial Lesson" above)!
On the ruling of the court judgment will be written where the restriction applies, such as in the Commonwealth.
From experience, I know that there is generally no contraindication to getting a new driver's license in the Netherlands. But each case is different. Therefore, I advise you to thoroughly inform yourself before taking the course.
However, I can say that.
Students who have already been inspected on the road here report to me that the authorities here do not have access to the relevant databases in Poland.

It is obvious that in the case of such a candidate, the number of hours in the package will not be too high. The designated hours will have to be spent learning the exam routes, getting rid of old habits and upgrading skills to the exam level.
Where does Poolster operate?
Poolster is based in Lelystad (Flevoland). After the students, however, I reach Emmeloord and Harderwijk as well. These are the two cities, in this region, where the practical exam is passed.
What categories?
At the moment I propose a course for category B, manual transmission car.
I'm also working hard this year to get my Category A (motorcycle) license. Corona, he admits, delayed my pace considerably.
Please keep an eye on the FB page of the Poolster school! I won't miss announcing the expansion of services there!

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