Welcome to the Poolster website!

Do you want to learn how to drive a car in the Netherlands and are you looking for a good driving school? It’s clear!
But when is such a school actually “good”? Maybe you read on a other page on the internet things like “an experienced instructor by us”, “everything at the highest level”, etc.

I could also greet you with a similar introduction. But shouldn’t all these things be obvious in every driving school? So what makes Poolster stand out? Read the next few sentences and you’ll see!

– On average, it takes 3-6 months to get a driving license in the Netherlands. Because calculated …
– The average candidate needs 39 hours of driving: (# 1)

– The average Dutch citizen it costs around € 2,400 (# 2)

– Statistically, it takes a little longer for women: (# 3)

– The average price per lesson (60min.) in the country is € 42: (# 4)

– Younger candidates are more likely to pass the first time: (# 5)

The intention of the above is to show you that in addition to reliability in Poolster you will always find honesty and a clear presentation of the case without confusing.

Feel free to search the site and don’t hesitate to send me an inquiry if needed.

I invite you and, who knows, see you at the wheel!

Wojciech Rozynkowski

#1 Hoeveel rijlessen gemiddeld nodig?
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#2 Kosten rijbewijs halen
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#3 Grote verschillen in resultaten rijscholen vrouwen
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#4 Kosten rijbewijs halen
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#5 Ook nederlandse jongeren slagen eerde voor rijexamen dan ouderen
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The word Poolster in Dutch consists of two parts: Pool- (Pole) and -Ster (star).


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